Candace meets you where you are. She deeply listens to you and what you want for yourself. You never feel like you “should” be a certain way during her coaching. She challenges you to be true about what wellness and happiness mean to you – and she supports you all the way. 

I’m happy you’re here!

A Little About Me…


I’m a nutrition & integrative health coach & yoga teacher who empowers women to have confidence, eat intuitively, gain energy and learn to love themselves.

I’m also a gardener, a mama to three young humans & one furry puppy, the wife of a hospice RN, a nature lover, creative cook, learning herbalist, movement enthusiast, life-long learner, a sensitive witchy gal and a lover of good food & laughter.

I believe whole-heartedly in what I do because it allows you to re-connect with food (the fuel for your awesome body), your physical & mental health  (the core of your self-confidence & intuition), and your daily habits (the “stuff” that brings you joy…or not).

I’ve always loved science. I love learning about the body, especially in a holistic sense because I believe everything is interconnected. Our connection is symbiotic with the land, other beings, plants and microbes on this planet. My personal health journey has evolved throughout the years: Vegan, gluten free, anxious mind/body support, postpartum mental health, digestive health, adrenal fatigue, and weight loss/muscle gain.  The thing I know for sure is this:  If we’re open to change and understand how to work in tandem with the body, we create more ease than effort. Therefore, our goals become acquired life skills and they continue to build upon themselves until we are living the lifestyle that is best for our bodies, minds and the community.

Because of this life journey I’ve experienced, I’m driven to help other woman find a sense of ease in their own life. Health should not be complicated & difficult. I believe this determination is what moved me towards private practice. After getting my Bachelors degree in Health Science, I worked for several years as a Health Educator at a big hospital, and went through an extensive 200-hour yoga teacher-training program but yearned to connect and work more holistically with people. This is how I found my way to Institute for Integrative Nutrition and got my certification for holistic health coaching. Recently, I tested for my Board Certification for Health & Wellness Coaching. 

My gift is the ability to listen deeply and work with you to make sustainable health & lifestyle choices, guide you on how to best achieve your goals and give you educated support on that journey. I’ve learned to trust and deeply nourish myself. And you can learn this too. When you work with me, you can expect a personalized approach that suits your unique self. We take into consideration your beautiful body, past traumas, lifestyle, preferences, food and goals. I’d love to help you remember who you are.

By the way–don’t wait for the “right moment” to start your intentional life because something will always get in the way. I know this to be true from experience. And so I ask you, when was the last time you felt whole?


What I Offer


As food is medicine, it is important to understand the role of nutrients in our diet. Healing can happen from the inside out and I offer nutrition webinars, cooking videos and one-to-one guidance as needed to maximize your health potential. 

Virtual Health coaching

As you navigate your wellness goals, I guide you to understand how to be most successful, create lasting change and live in intention. Wellness challenges become easier to manage and new patterns emerge, revealing the amazing woman you are. 

Meditation Practices

Meditation offerings for everyone. I offer monthly mediation challenges to virtually sit with me, teachings about how to create ease vs. effort during this practice and one-to-one guidance as quieting the mind can benefit not only ourselves but the collective community!

Yoga Teachings

From Ayurveda, to body alignment, to fascial tissue release, to pranayama, yoga has a way of helping to reflect our current body state and patterns within our health. As health is fluid, this can be a lovely time of introspection.

Weekly Meal Plan Service

Sometimes we get bored of our foods. Or when we’re learning something new, like seasonal eating for instance, it’s easier to follow along until we get the hang of it ourselves. Perhaps you just need a creative helping hand to inspire the fam. Meal plans can be awesome time, money & resource savers! 

Virtual Classes

Coming Soon!


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