A joyfully connected life…

 Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had the knowledge of what healthy food is for you and your body? If you had a sense of ease and energy all day long? What if you could feel like the best version of yourself everyday?

Right now you may feel sluggish in the morning, like you need lots of coffee to maintain, unproductive and sleepy in the afternoon, uncomfortable in your own skin most days, and you might have a general longing to be healthy (whatever that means), but are overwhelmed with where to start. We could create some magic if you want to understand your body beyond numbers on a scale and calories on food packages.

I get it. Honestly, I do. This cycle is exhausting. And it can feel never ending, like this thing called health is some magical unicorn BS.  But there is light my friend. With a little patience on clarifying goals, understanding your unique body and some educated decisions you can achieve your health & lifestyle goals. And I’d be glad to guide you.

You see, I’m a nutrition & integrative health coach, but really, I’m empowering women to nourish their body by eating real foods and gain sustainable energy. Helping you understand how and what kind of mind+body choices to make, balance your hormones, heal your gut, all while curating a sense of ease, confidence and food wisdom is how I help you regain a sense of joy in your life. I love helping women discover their food wisdom and feel more confident in their body.

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You’re like a mirror–you’ll help people see within themselves – and you’ll help them to find light to illuminate and heal the dark.

Leili K.

I am so grateful you have blessed me in this web of life~you are food for the journey and your wisdom and gentle spirit is food for my soul.

Faith G.